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Benefit From Our Excellent Mulching Services

Your home and residential property may benefit from mulching, which will insulate your garden in the winter and help it retain moisture in the summer. Finding a skilled grounds management firm that can help you analyze your grass in Country Club Hills, IL is essential since deciding whether you need a landscaping contractor or mulch for your landscaping can be difficult. That is precisely why Kay Lawn Service LLC is here. We can inspect your property and provide guidance on preserving healthy soil.

What Are Our Services

Grass Cutting

Grass Cutting
You won't have to give up any valuable time by maintaining a better-looking lawn with our assistance. Proper upkeep promotes the health of your grass and even lowers pollen, which can worsen allergies. From spring through fall, we provide a full range of grass-cutting services to meet all your requirements.

Cleaning Bushes

Cleaning Bushes
Your home's property can be improved by adding trees, shrubs, and hedges for exceptional beauty and lushness. Schedule bush cleaning and tree trimming services with our highly trained professionals to ensure your trees and bushes stay beautiful, green, and healthy.

Mulch Installation

Mulch Installation
The process of mulching your garden bed involves adding a substance directly to the soil of your garden or lawn. It is generally accepted that wood mulch is used as a garden cover, while stones can also be put in. As a result, we provide wood mulch solutions that prevent weed growth along with mulch installation in your garden.

New Sod

New Sod
For grass seed to develop into a lawn, there must be sufficient time, work, and favorable weather. Why not arrange for our sod installation to arrive immediately to create a stunning lawn? For our customers, our installation specialists have grown gorgeous, flourishing lawns for years.

Retaining Wall

Retaining Wall
Where more support is required to stop the earth from eroding and sliding downward, retaining wall landscaping is generally encountered. A retaining wall's fundamental objective is to defy gravity. The strength of the slope must be balanced in the retaining wall's design.

Superior Customer Services

Kay Lawn Service LLC is aware of many lawn care and landscaping companies. We’re here to make your decision-making process simpler by outperforming the competition. With locations throughout the region and more than 15 years of experience, our strategy has worked, and our clients are happy. Our first objective is to provide mulching and landscaping services at fair prices since we are dependable, truthful, and trustworthy. Thus, you may have complete faith in our quality care landscaping services!

Why Turn To Us

Since 2018, we have been functioning in this location as a locally-owned business. We will landscape front gardens and little yards as effectively, safely, and practically as possible. We take great pride in our abilities as general garden professionals, utility mulching specialists, and operators. We provide superior lawn care services that you won’t find anywhere else. Where this clearing is required, mulching is cost-effective and reduces a business’s environmental impact.

Many Can Use Our Services

Are you still interested in our company’s mulch installation, solutions, or landscaping and retaining walls if you reside outside Country Club Hills, IL? No need to worry! We want to collaborate and connect with as many clients as we can. Additionally, we are happy to make the following areas accessible for the use of our unique skills and knowledge:

    • Merrionette Park Village, IL;
    • Alsip Village, IL;
    • Palos Hills, IL;
    • Bridgeview Village, IL;
    • Midlothian Village, IL;

    Make an appointment as soon as possible. Call (708) 493-8539 to get details, an estimate customized to your needs, and to arrange a convenient service appointment.

    Kay Lawn Service LLC
    Kay Lawn Service LLC
    Client Testimonials

    by Heather Rau on Kay Lawn Service LLC
    A+ Professional

    One of their landscaping contractor was my first point of contact with them. They were very friendly, polite, knowledgeable, efficient, and attentive. They designed a front and back yard for me that I am thrilled with. They were an absolute delight to work with. All of the guys (don't know or can't remember all of their names) who did the installation were awesome. They were all such hard workers and did a fabulous job. I can't say enough about them. I would absolutely recommend this company to anybody looking to have landscaping work done.

    Chris Burns
    Chris Burns
    The best

    Kay Lawn Service LLC
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    • Grass Cutting
    • Cleaning Bushes
    • Mulch Installation
    • New Sod
    • Retaining Wall
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